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Vietnam is Harmony's newest focus in Southeast Asia.  As in other countries, our work in Vietnam encompasses two areas: Spreading the Good News and Helping the Vulnerable.

University student Outreach

J-Club offers ample opportunity to share the Gospel with eager university students—many of whom haven't heard of Christianity.

tribal outreach

Reaching the unreached and providing child sponsorship opportunities to radically change lives.

training the underground church

Harmony Outreach has an exclusive inside connection with the underground church in Vietnam—and their leaders have asked for our help.

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University student outreach

J-Club, standing for "Jesus Club," is an example of Harmony Outreach's partnership with Let's Start Talking.  Using university students' interest in learning conversational English, J-Club offers free English classes.  The material we use?  The Bible.  Let's Start Talking uses curriculum designed to teach students English while studying the Word of God.  Khai is Harmony Outreach's director of the J-Club, which has been running in Hanoi and more recently Vin Phuc.  Teams are welcome to travel to Vietnam to work with university students at J-Club—it'll be an experience you won't soon forget.  Contact us for more information about sending teams to Vietnam, or for long-term internships.

Tribal Outreach

Partnering with a young tribal pastor, Harmony Outreach is now able to reach those who have never heard the Gospel.  Sticking true to our mandate of Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Helping the Vulnerable, we are able to provide a sponsorship program for children, training to tribal pastors and partnership with American churches to bring clean water to remote mountain villages.


Training Pastors in the Underground Church

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The church in Vietnam can best be described as the book of Acts in 3D.
— John Bentley

Training the underground church

Harmony Outreach began work in Vietnam in 2013. The focus of our work is spreading the gospel by working together with pastors from the underground church.

It was during Harmony founder John Bentley’s first trip to Vietnam that God orchestrated a meeting with a pastor from the underground church.  For two hours John and pastor Daniel sat in a coffee shop in Saigon getting to know one another.  It was only toward the end of their meeting that John discovered that the "pastor" he had been talking with was the overall leader of the underground church movement in Vietnam—comprised of 6,000 churches from 29 different movements! 

At the end of that meeting, pastor Daniel asked John if Harmony could help the underground church by bringing pastors from the West to teach/train their Vietnamese counterparts.  Harmony has joyfully accepted this invitation and organizes pastors from the West to teach Vietnamese underground pastors at safe houses in Saigon in the south and Hanoi in the north.  Additionally, we work together with pastors and churches in remote village areas.