U.S. Let's Start Talking (LST) Coordinator
Temecula, California


Micaela’s soft voice and quiet spirit belie the fact that she is training to become both a pilot and mechanic!  The dream God has placed in her heart is to become a missionary and use her flying skills to glorify God.

A Southern California girl since she was adopted from Korea before her first birthday, Michaela grew up in a Christian home.  She credits a mission trip to the Philippines when she was 13 as the beginning of deepening her walk with the Lord, resulting in more ministry involvement at her church and a deep, abiding love for foreign missions.

Her two years at Calvary Chapel Bible College seemed tailor-made for her dreams.  Through their extension campuses, she studied a semester in Ireland and another in Israel.  She also interned in Malta, traveling from there to Turkey, Greece and Italy.

As Harmony’s U.S. LST Coordinator, Micaela will be broadening her horizons by managing short-term LST teams in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Micaela says, “I’ve become excited at the idea of living an ‘unordinary’ life fully given over to Christ.  I desire to see other people (especially this generation) with a heart for missions and ministry be encouraged to pursue whatever God calls them to do.”