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Temecula, California

Born and reared in Southern California, I gave my life to the Lord shortly after graduation from high school. Before long I ran into an old friend from high school, Dain Wadley, and learned he had also just become a Christian. A little over a year later, we were married. With hearts to serve the Lord, we soon joined a team from our church to smuggle Bibles into China.

On that trip our hearts were touched by the new world view we acquired, and within a year we were back on a plane to the Philippines where we served as missionaries for nine years. Our experiences there were colorful as we witnessed political upheaval when Ferdinand Marcos was ousted, the failed coup attempts that followed, the earthquake that devastated Bagio and the huge typhoon that happened in concert with the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo that covered the US bases with ash and lahars (hot mud flow). A daughter Anna and son Daniel were born to us in the Philippines before we returned to our home church in California in 1994.

Still missionaries at heart, a year later we were once again on our way to serve the Lord in Charlotte, North Carolina, where we planted a church. We remained there building that work for nine years until the Lord moved us back to Southern California where Dain is now pastoring at Calvary Chapel Poway.

I first learned of Harmony Outreach in 2007 through its employee and my friend Lori Trask. Her husband Keith had been a member of our church in NC. After he moved to Southern California and came to our church in Poway, he and Lori met and were married. We’ve been good friends ever since. So in 2008, when she asked if I would like to work for Harmony, I was ready and willing. Since that time I have been on staff in the US office.

From my own missions experience, I can see how effective Harmony Outreach is in changing lives. I count it a privilege to serve the Lord in this ministry.