Date of Birth:           March 12, 2014
Health History:        Cerebral Palsy
Arrival Date:            May 28, 2014

Sweet little Will loves to have your attention.   And in response—in addition to his big smiles—he has begun saying simple words like “baba” and “mama.” He listens carefully and obviously understands much of what is said to him. 

Now two years old, Will has gained some in his motor skills so that he can now sometimes sit in the baby chair.  He is sometimes able to turn his body over, and it seems when lying on his stomach he can hold his head up a little longer than before.

Will’s healthy diet includes baby food, vegetables, eggs, cereal and milk. One of his favorites is orange juice.  He eats and sleeps well, and in a few  months he will be joining his Forever Family—with 7 siblings to surround and love him!

Little Willis named for Harmony's friend, partner and adoptive father, Will Sanders of Canon City, CO,  Please pray with us that Will can grow up to fulfill God’s perfect plan for his life.