Date of birth:  April 15, 2002
Came to HOH:  2012

Now 11 years old, Tsedu was in a hopeless situation before coming to Hanna Orphan’s Home.  She was being exploited as a child laborer by a relative who offered to “take care of her” when her parents couldn’t.  Her exploitation ended when she was able to contact the police, and she came to HOH last year.

 She will be entering second grade soon.  Although it may seem odd at her age that she has just completed first grade, Tsedu has been overcoming a great deal this year.  Not only was she exploited and had never been to school, but in the distant village where she lived she also spoke a different language!  She has had to learn to both speak and write Amharic in the year she has been with us. 

 We’re grateful to report that Tsedu has come a long way.  The regular, nutritious food, the love and care she receives at HOH, and the lessons she is learning about Jesus at her Christian school are all helping her to overcome the hopelessness and despair she has endured.  She is forming bonds with her housemother and the Mercy House girls and is living happily there.  She smiles often now and seems content.

Dolls and children’s games such as hide & seek give her joy.  And, amazingly since she is having to learn two languages, she says that English is her favorite school subject.