Date of Birth: February 5, 2001
Entered HOH: 2010

Simagne, at age 12, will soon be entering second grade.  That may seem odd, but this little sweetheart has overcome much!  After her parents died, an aunt abused and beat her, not allowing her to attend school.  Simagne ran away and was found by the police, eventually coming to HOH about three years ago.  Although the severe beatings were at first hard for her to forget, she has become an amazing girl with the love and nurturing at HOH!  She is considered the most outgoing personality at Mercy House, lighting up the room with her beautiful smiles.

Simagne has learned through her Christian school, Sunday school and the Bible studies with the other children in the compound at HOH that Jesus loves her.  She acknowledges that it is because of His love and care that she is able to live at Mercy House.

Her playful nature and sweet personality cause her to have many friends.  She enjoys games with them such as skipping rope, hide & seek and playing on the play set in the compound.

In school her favorite subjects are English and drawing.  Her favorite food is rice.