Date of Birth: December, 2007
Entered HOH: 2010

At five-and-a-half years old, Melat will soon be entering first grade at Victory Christian School.  She has been with us nearly half her life, coming to us from an aunt after her mother died and her blind father was unable to care for her.

During those rough times before coming to us, she tried to cope by being aggressive. She was also small for her age and withdrawn when she first came, but good food and nurturing at HOH have brought out the best in Melat.  She is now described as “quiet and sweet.”

 She attends Sunday school classes as well as the Bible classes held in the HOH compound, a central area surrounded by many of the group homes including Mercy House.  She says she enjoys school, likes her teachers and especially enjoys science, drawing and Amharic, her native language.

 Singing comes naturally to our children, and they learn many Christian songs.  As with many of the Mercy House girls, Melat says that her talent is singing.  She also enjoys playing hide & seek with the other girls and swinging on the play set in the compound.