Date of Birth:           March 2, 2008

Health History:        Blepharoptosis; Mental Developmental Delay
Arrival Date:            March 10, 2016

Marlene has just celebrated her ninth birthday and is a very different child since coming to us last year.  The first problem she faced was that she spoke Cantonese and had to learn the Mandarin spoken at Harmony House!  Of course that made her seem shy when she first arrived.  But she worked hard to learn to communicate and now speaks Mandarin very well. She continues to have classes in Mandarin, math and English.  Lily says she has excellent handwriting and enjoys showing samples of her work.

Still somewhat shy, Marlene nevertheless very much enjoys playing with the other children and watching cartoons.  She also loves music and sings quite freely. A very compassionate child, Marlene enjoys helping the other children as well as helping the nannies gather toys, clean up the playroom and even wants to hold bottles for the little ones.  Lily was brought to tears when Marlene recently told her when she grows up she will take Lily with her when she travels. 

Marlene has a healthy body, slender and graceful, and is developing normally. She expresses herself well, is a good communicator, and gets along well with everyone. Lily says her actions are “light and soft like a fair maiden”—a beautiful word picture of this sweet girl! Lily also says--because she remains even tempered and kind--that “her heart doesn’t tangle.”
Marlene is named for Harmony's good friend and partner, Marlene Molewyck of Grand Rapids, MI.  Please pray with us that sweet little Marlene will soon find her Forever Family and fulfill the plans God has for her life.