Date of Birth:           September 12, 2012
Health History:        Spina Bifida (surgery October 7, 2012)
                                Hydrocephalus (surgery November 27, 2012)

Arrival Date:            March 9, 2016

Little Julie has been with us at Harmony House about a year now and is now about 4½ years old.  The spina bifida has created issues with her leg, but Lily says she can move slowly by herself. Her motor development is otherwise normal. 

Julie’s intelligence excels that of most children her age.  She speaks and enunciates clearly, knows the names of animals, recites poems, and knows simple math. She can recite the alphabet and count to 10 in English, plus she is working on English words.

She enjoys playing with the other children and watching cartoons.  She eats and sleeps well.  Lily says, “She is a very sweet and clever girl.”  Julie's best news is that she has recently been matched with her Forever Family!