Date of Birth:           July 25, 2015
Health History:        Heart condition (surgery performed 11-16-15)
Arrival Date:            December 1, 2015

At over 20 months now, our handsome little Joel has made great progress in the time he has been at Harmony House.  He came to us directly from the hospital following his heart surgery in December, 2015.  When he arrived he had some motor development delays and an enlarged head.    

Now he seems to be a different child!  His head size is normal for his age.  He sits well, stands well and is beginning to walk a few steps.  His dexterity has greatly improved so that he is able to pick up small items and fit them into the proper openings.  His mental development is in accordance with his age as he understands the nanny’s words and recognizes his name when called.  He has also learned the names of other children.

In addition to his bottle, Joel eats baby food, cereal, eggs, vegetables and fruits.  He is not a fussy eater, and he sleeps well. Joel is named for Joel Nilsson of Boerne, Texas.  

Lily says Joel is a “very lovely boy,” and he is looking for his Forever Family.