Date of Birth: December 23, 2001
Entered HOH: 2010


At 15 years, Meela is one of the older girls in Mercy House 1. She is currently studying in eighth grade, having completed seventh grade ranked 21 out of a class of 61. A striking young lady with her warm, light-brown eyes, she is quiet, gentle and gets along well with everyone. She does her part of the chores, making her bed and helping with cooking and housecleaning. 

Meela loves her Pastor Mulugeta and has matured in her faith under his teaching.  She has completed her church’s confirmation class and is beginning their discipleship class, the highest class the church offers. She reads her Bible on Monday, Friday and Sunday and prays every evening.

 Some of Meela’s favorites include reading in her spare time, the color red, cabbage and Coca-Cola. Her favorite class at school is her native language of Amharic. She still hopes to be a medical doctor. 

Please continue to pray that Meela will fulfill God’s plan for her life.