Date of Birth:           September 24, 2011
Health History:        Deafness, Hernia (surgically corrected 12/17/15)
Arrival Date:            November 7, 2015


Now 5 ½ years old, Harlan is a shy but sweet boy who likes to imitate.  He has made good progress in the special school he attends daily.  After overcoming his initial fear of new situations at the school, he has settled in and is enjoying learning.  He respects his teacher and helps clean up the classroom as well as keeping his own things in order in his cabinet. 

Schools in China are quite different from the U.S. in that they start very early and end around 5-6pm, with a break of up to 3 hours around noon.  The children eat lunch at school (or go home) and then take naps and/or play with other children for the balance of the break. Harlan’s school operates the same way as public schools, so he spends much of his time there. 

Although still a little timid, he now interacts well with the other children in the school, has made great language progress—clearly enunciating simple words—has learned to draw and works puzzles, plays with building blocks, strings beads, etc.

Harlan’s best news is that he has been matched with his Forever Family who should be adopting him in the next few months.