Date of birth:  January 28, 2010

Came to HH:  March 10, 2016

Medical:         Developmental delays, autism

George recently celebrated his sixth birthday—and the first nine months of living at Harmony House.  He is showing improvement with the help of his weekly speech therapy and his counseling sessions with a teacher whom he loves. He grabs her hand and gives her a big smile when he goes for his appointments, and he has been known to cry if she has to cancel for some reason.

He now sits still to learn, and he has begun to answer simple questions.  He will also help gather toys. 

He has learned to read and has begun to go to the nannies when he wants some help.  He will bring his book and take the nanny’s finger, pointing it to the word he wants explained—or the animal he doesn’t know. And George is still quite the little artist!  

He sometimes has a hot temper and may run to his room, cry and hide if he gets unhappy.  What’s improved is that now, when we seek him out to comfort him, he will respond, allowing us to comfort him and turning his crying into a smile. 

George is named for a long-time friend and supporter, pastor George Ford of Baytown, Texas.  Please pray for George to continue to make progress—and to find his very own Forever Family to love him.