Eskedar, since our last update in the spring, has passed the national exam for grade 8 and is now studying in grade 9.  Science has held her interest for some time, and she is now thinking of becoming a biology teacher.   

Eskedar is a house monitor, encouraging her housemates to study hard.  She also is in charge of keeping their house clean.  All the girls help their house mother with food preparation and house cleaning. 

As to her spiritual life, at her church Eskedar has completed the confirmation class.  She soon begins the discipleship class which is the highest class the church offers.  She prays and reads her Bible every night, and she has begun to lead a devotion time with her housemates.  She reports that she has great love and respect for her Pastor Mulugeta who is a devoted spiritual man of God.  

Some of Eskedar’s favorites include the color red, spaghetti and a soft drink called Mirinda.  

Please continue to pray that Eskedar will fulfill God’s plan for her life.