Date of Birth:           May 20, 2015
Health History:        Spinal Meningomyelocele, Tethered Cord Syndrome
                                 ( surgery completed)

Arrival Date:            October 30, 2015
At about 15 months old, Dalin is developing normally, weighing about 18 pounds and measuring nearly 28 inches tall. Her motor skills allow her to stand, climb and walk a few steps by herself. She knows where the toys are stored and how to get the ones she likes. She generally plays well with other children, although she sometimes has a bit of a temper.
Of course she enjoys having your full attention, playing with her, talking to her and holding and cuddling her. She knows which one is her nanny, and she has already chosen certain children as her friends. She recognizes her name when called, and she understands the nannies’ simple words. She already speaks some words very clearly, and you can see her paying close attention to new words, working to imitate their pronunciation.
Dalin is sweet and lively and loves listening to music. She is a smiler and a very adorable little girl. We are delighted to announce that she has been matched with her Forever Family and will be going home in a few months.