Date of Birth: April 9, 2006
Entered HOH: 2010

Not a true orphan, Biruknesh still has a father who is unable to care for her.  At eight years old, she will be entering second grade this fall. Children who may have not been in school before coming to HOH are placed in whatever grade is necessary for them to have a complete education.  She attends Victory School, where she says her favorite subject is science.  She also attends church regularly and goes to Sunday school. 

 Biruknesh was quiet and a little shy when she first came to HOH—and that is the personality visitors see at first—but she has made friends and has developed good social skills.  During the three years she has been there, she has learned to trust and be at ease with her “family” at Mercy House.  

 A very sweet girl, Biruknesh’s beautiful smiles light up a room.  She loves to sing, eat rice and play with dolls or swing on the outdoor play set.