Date of Birth:           April 9, 2015
Health History:        CLP  (surgery completed); Polydactilia
Arrival Date:            November 26, 2015
Little Barbara is a sweet and lovely girl who is developing normally for her age. At 14 months and following the completion of cleft-lip and cleft-palate surgery, she has 4 teeth, weighs 17 pounds and is 27 inches tall. She moves her body well, climbing, pulling up to things, and just beginning to try to take a few steps. She can get toys for herself and has begun to master simple puzzles such as putting shaped pieces into the correct slots.
She plays well with the other children, showing an ability to compromise without drama when she doesn’t always get her own way. Of course she loves to have your full attention, being held, talked to and played with. Her beautiful big eyes openly reflect her emotions, and she is also beginning to read others’ expressions. She recognizes her name when called and understands simple words.
Her daily diet includes eggs, cereal, noodles and baby food vegetables and meat. She sleeps well and eats well. Lily says, “She is a VERY adorable girl.”