Date of Birth:           September 1, 2005
Health History:        Meningocele, Hip Dislocation,  Spina Bifida, Club Feet
Arrival Date:            December 7, 2015


Audrey has made great progress since coming to Harmony House about a year ago. Her overall health has greatly improved. She cannot walk but is independent and does most everything for herself such as climbing the stairs, getting onto chairs and her wheelchair unaided, dressing herself and taking care of her own personal hygiene and even helping keep the playroom clean.

A good sister for the other children, Audrey watches out for the little ones, playing with them and helping take care of them at times.  As do all the children, Audrey enjoys watching movies and being outdoors for walks when the weather permits. Audrey is also quite talented in painting and has been getting lessons for some time.

She has learned to write some Chinese characters but—now that she has been matched with her American Forever Family—she concentrates more on English.  As one of our older girls, Audrey has more understanding about being adopted—and she is ‘over the moon’ about her upcoming adoption!  She listens carefully to the words she hears in the English cartoons the children watch.  She also learns English from the volunteer students who come to help at Harmony House—preparing herself for that special day soon when she becomes part of her very own Forever Family.

Here is an interesting bit of Audrey’s history:  In January, 2008, an orphanage offered Lily both a boy and a girl who had similar health issues.  At the time she chose the boy, and we named him Adam.  In January, 2010, Adam was adopted and is thriving with a great family in North Carolina.  Last December Lily was back at the same orphanage.  There she found the same little girl—now 10 years old—still there and with no prospects of an adoptive family.  Lily’s compassionate heart went out to her, and, trusting God to find her a family, brought her to Harmony House.  The family that adopted Adam has championed her cause and were instrumental in finding her Forever Family.  In fact, Audrey is named for Adam’s big sister!  Even some of Adam’s mobility equipment (wheelchair, crutches, etc.) has now been donated to Harmony House for the use of Audrey and any other children who may benefit from it.