Date of Birth: April 15, 2000
Entered HOH: 2008

Many of the children at Hanna Orphan’s Home are there because one or both of their parents have been lost to AIDS.  In Abeba’s case, both parents died of the disease.

Now 13 years old, Abeba will be entering eighth grade this fall.  We love it that our Mercy House girls are able to attend Christian school—called Family Joy Academy. 

We are happy to report that church is an important part of Abeba’s life.  The eldest girl at Mercy House, Abeba is respected by the other girls.  They look to her for leadership, and she is a wonderful role model for them because she loves the Lord.  She spends time in the Word and enjoys worship at church.

Abeba has lived at HOH for five years now.  She is enjoying Government in school, and she is talking of becoming a doctor to help her own people.  In her spare time she really enjoys basketball, and she is an excellent runner.