Scott 1-2017 Update Pic.jpg

Date of birth:  October 1, 2015

Came to HH:  May 16, 2016

Medical:         Premature, Heart Disease


At about 18 months, little Scott—who was born prematurely and underwent heart surgery before coming to us last May—is beginning to catch up in his physical development.  A lively boy, Scott sits and stands on his own and should be walking any time now. 

His daily diet of milk, baby food, eggs, cereal and fruit have helped him develop and overcome his premature beginnings.  He loves to play with the other children, but he isn’t too fond of strangers.  Of course he loves being held and played with by his nannies.  He tries to respond when they talk with him, although his words are not yet clear.  He laughs a lot and has a favorite nanny.

Little Scott is named for Harmony's friend and partner Scott Chalfant of Cowden, IL.  Scott's good news is that he has just been matched with his Forever Family and should be adopted in a few months!!  Please pray for his adoption and that he will grow up to fulfill God’s perfect plan for his life.