Spreading the Good News

In addition to our work rescuing the vulnerable, Harmony Outreach is partnering with Word of Life Church in Wolaita Sodo.  This powerhouse church of 4,000 is doing a great job spreading the Gospel and reaching the lost in South Ethiopia, including Muslim areas, but they are very poor.

The Bible says that the Body of Christ is one body with many members—each having a different function.  When all of those members come together, with Christ at the head, we are complete and nothing is lacking.  And so one way that Harmony helps to spread the Good News in Ethiopia is by partnering with Word of Life church and providing them some of the resources which they lack.  In addition to providing physical resources—everything from computers, to guitars, to toothbrushes—Harmony organizes “friendship teams” to visit Word of Life church, where we engage in ministry with them.  We go to bless and help them in their work and, in return, we end up having a fresh wind and fresh fire in our own walks with the Lord.

In 2015, Harmony, in partnership with Legacy Christian Fellowship, Thornton, Colorado, provided 2,000 Bibles in their native Amharic language to the children of Word of Life Church and to Hanna Orphan's Home children.