Meklit, as with many Hanna Orphan’s Home children, comes from a very difficult background. She had no opportunity to attend school until she was 12 years old and first came to Hanna Orphan’s Home. Therefore, she is obviously far behind in school and is currently studying in the second grade.  

Living at Mercy House 1, Meklit gets encouragement in her Christian walk from her house mother and the other girls. She reads her Bible and prays at night. She loves singing the Christian songs she has learned and is becoming a solid believer. She is attending confirmation classes at church.  

She enjoys watching television in her spare time, especially sports news. Some of her favorites include studying her native language of Amharic at school, the color yellow, spaghetti and Coca-Cola. 

She talks of becoming a teacher and helping others grow in their faith. She especially admires a worship leader at her church and wants to be like her. 

Please pray that Meklit will fulfill God’s plan for her life.