Date of Birth:                     January 8, 2010
Health History:                  Hypoplasia of Right Temporal Lobe, Right Eye Rhinopsia
Arrival Date:                       October 10, 2016
Sweet Mary Beth was born January 8, 2010, and came to Harmony House October 10, 2016.  Indications are she spent her first five years with her parents as she turned up at a state orphanage on December 23, 2014.  Whether her gender or her special needs affected caused her parents’ decision is unknown.
Her medical needs include issues with her right temporal lobe and distension of her right ventricle, both evidencing problems on the left side of her body.  She experiences limited usage of her left arm and leg. Although she is able to walk well, running is more difficult for her.
A quiet child, Mary Beth is very sweet and polite.  She manages her own needs well and is beginning to make friends and acclimate to the other children at Harmony House.  She is being evaluated for school but has already demonstrated she can do simple math.
Named for our dear friend and partner Mary Beth Faile of Dayton, OH, little Mary Beth is looking for her Forever Family.