Date of Birth:  December 25, 2012
Health History:  Hearing Loss
Arrival Date:  April 11, 2017

When Leon came to Harmony House on April 11, 2017, from Inner Mongolia, he was a little over four years old, having been born on Christmas Day, 2012. 
Accurate medical information is rarely available from the orphanage when we take a child because he has had no comprehensive evaluation.  Such is the case with Leon.  We soon learned his autism included biting, but daily psychiatric counseling has helped with that issue.

So far, aside from the hearing loss, Leon seems to be physically healthy.  He lags socially, of course, but is beginning to fit in at Harmony House and getting to know the other children now that the biting has stopped.
Leon is named for our friend and ministry partner, Leon Ramirez, of Raeford, NC.  Little Leon is looking for his Forever Family.