Date of Birth:  May 5, 2014
Health History: No apparent health issues
Arrival Date:   June 9, 2017
Sweet Joanne came to us May 19, 2017, at just over three years old.  In spite of her age, she was accustomed to eating only bread and drinking formula.  It was difficult getting her to drink water or juice or to eat solid foods—and she was quite vocal in expressing her unhappiness at the changes to her diet!  At first she was also uncomfortable being outside her crib.
After several weeks she is eating a better variety of foods, is drinking water, has become accustomed to and enjoys being around adults, and she is now able to go outside to play with the other children.  Lily’s words were, “She just need to be loved.  We love her.” 
Joanne is named for Harmony’s friend Joanne Seedborg of Menifee, CA, and we just learned that a family has accepted her file and are awaiting their Letter of Approval to adopt her!