Date of Birth:  June 7, 2016
Health History:  Cranial meningocele (had surgery); arachnoid cyst, light hydrocephalus, ASD
Arrival Date:  May 4, 2017

Sweet newcomer Holly was abandoned at an orphanage a few days after she was born on June 7, 2016.  There’s never any way of determining why she was abandoned—whether it was because the family wanted a boy, whether her special needs made them want to leave her where they thought she might get help, or because of any number of other reasons. 

One thing that did happen, though.  The orphanage immediately sent Holly to Shanghai for successful cranial meningocele surgery.  Typically accompanying this issue, Holly also has light hydrocephalus, an arachnoid cyst and autism spectrum disorder.  Some motor delay is noted—also a symptom accompanying these issues. She gets daily physical therapy to strengthen weak muscles but so far is unable to sit up or stand.

Coming to us at Harmony House on May 4, 2017, little Holly loves to be held and have your complete attention.  She smiles easily and often and is getting competent and loving care as she gets to know the other children.

Named for our friend and partner Holly Williams of Anaheim, CA, little Holly is looking for her Forever Family.