Date of Birth:  January 30, 2012
Health History:  Light Down’s Syndrome
Arrival Date:  May 4, 2017
 Beautiful little Eva came to us on May 4, 2017, as a five-year-old, having been born January 30, 2012.  Apparently she lived with her family for a time.  When she was abandoned at the orphanage, burn scars were found on both her arms. 

Eva has been diagnosed with light Down’s Syndrome, mostly manifesting itself in slow speech development.  Her motor development is normal, and she is able to easily care for her own needs.  In fact, she is already developing a “mother” instinct toward the other children.  

Of course she loves attention and being held and cuddled, and she is fitting in well at Harmony House.

Eva is named for our friend and partner Eva Stacy of Madison, MN.  Eva is looking for her Forever Family.