Date of Birth:  November 22, 2007
Health History:  Cerebral Palsy (2 surgeries)
Arrival Date:  April 2, 2017
At 9 years old, Don is an intelligent boy, very sweet and congenial.   When Lily asked if he wished to be moved to Harmony House, she said he got a big smile and excitedly told her, “YES!”  He is a happy child who enjoys playing with our children.  In fact, his laughter regularly echoes around Harmony House.
Don has had two surgeries in Beijing—in 2013 and again in 2016—for his cerebral palsy.   Since coming to us he has been navigating in one of our wheelchairs.  However, he gets daily physical therapy to strengthen his core and leg muscles.  As a result, he has already begun to walk some with the use of a cane.  His therapist believes that as his muscles gain strength, he should soon be able to walk with no aid!
His love of learning was immediately apparent.  He is always excited to report to Lily how he is learning to write, showing her both his numbers and his ABC’s.  As soon as he learned Audrey was getting painting lessons, he immediately wanted to paint as well.  
Don is named for our good friend and ministry partner Dr. Don Hunt of Horseshoe Bay, Texas.  And of course little Don is looking for his Forever Family.