Date of Birth:              May 22, 2016

Health History:            Congenital heart disease, Dextrocardia, Pulmonary artery dysplasia

Arrival Date:               November 1, 2017



Handsome little Bruce came to us November 1, 2017, at about 18 months old, having been abandoned shortly after his birth on May 22, 2016.  Although he walks well, has no mental delay and no motor delay, his heart issues cause him tire easily.  He isn’t able to run and jump like the other children, and he becomes sick easily.  His heart diagnosis is congenital heart disease, dextrocardia and pulmonary artery dysplasia.  We would love to see him adopted soon so that he could have better access to heart diagnosis and treatment for his complex issues.

Little Bruce, who is looking for a Forever Family, is named for our good friend and adoptive parent, Bruce Lotz, of Trenton, NJ.