Date of Birth:                     July 8, 2010
Health History:                  Heart Disease, Language Delay, Malnutrition
Arrival Date:                       October 10, 2016
At nearly six years old, Andrea came to us at Harmony House on October 10, 2016.  Born July 8, 2010, she apparently remained with her parents for her first month.  Then, for whatever reason, she was left at an orphanage.
Tiny for her age, Andrea may have suffered some malnutrition.  She has been diagnosed with light pulmonary stenosis and some language delay but has otherwise developed at a normal rate for her age.  She is little Miss Personality, running, playing, and very much enjoying being at Harmony House. 
Named for our sweet friend and ministry partner Andrea  Dodge of Jackson, MO, little Andrea is looking for her Forever Family.