Learn2Work Center

An outreach to university students

Only a small percentage of Cambodians have a university education.  Having a college degree is a game-changer that opens doors for the best jobs including positions in government.  Harmony's Learn2Work (L2W) Center is strategically located in the University District of Phnom Penh offering free, highly sought-after English language and computer courses to students.  These are top-rated courses, with curriculum developed by our Cambodia Country Director who has a Master's Degree and has served as a professor at multiple universities. 

When students come to L2W, they get more than top-notch training.  Mirroring the statistics of their country, the overwhelming majority of students come from a Buddhist background.  Many have never heard the name of Jesus. 
We befriend our students by hosting weekly social activities where we introduce them to the Good News, worship and discipleship, resulting in multiple students becoming born-again Christians.  We take a disparate group of students and move them on the continuum from strangers to friends to family.  L2W has become so popular that our classes are generally filled to capacity by word of mouth alone.