Eyasu professional photo 2017.jpg

Director of Evangelism
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Being born into a Christian family allowed me the opportunity to know Jesus even from my childhood.  After finishing high school, I joined Teachers Training Institute and got a certificate that enables me to be public school teacher. For 11 years I served as a teacher.

In 1991 I clearly understood God's call to full-time ministry, so I joined Evangelical Theological College and received my degree. Then for four years I served as Director and Dean of a college in Wolaita Sodo which a colleague and I founded.

In 1999 God opened a door for me to continue my studies.  I went to Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST) and obtained my master’s degree. Unfortunately, on the eve of my graduation as my family was coming to celebrate with me, my four-year-old son died in a car accident.  As difficult as that situation was, my wife and I were amazed at God's grace and miraculous comfort in our lives.

While I was studying at EGST, I took a position with the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church head office (Ethiopia’s largest Christian denomination) where I coordinated a program called "Bible Training Center for Pastors and Leaders."  It was an informal and interdenominational program, and I served in this position for 6 years. When I left 2,500 students had already graduated and the same number of students were studying.

Then in 2007 God opened a door that I had never dreamed could happen. I was able to go to Portland, Oregon in the U.S. and enroll in Western Seminary where, in 2010, I received my Doctor of Missiology degree.

Returning to Addis Ababa, I became head of the Missions Department for our denomination and served there through the end of 2016.  While in that position I also studied online and obtained my Ph D in Missions, Evangelism & Church Planting.  God increased our mission outreach until Kale Heywat currently has 1,282 local and 17 global cross-cultural missionaries   I served in that position until the end of 2016 when I became Director of Evangelism in Ethiopia for Harmony Outreach

In spite of the phenomenal growth we were experiencing, I was frustrated knowing that my calling was to evangelize—and not to spend so much time in administration.  So I prayed and decided to resign, and God brought Harmony Outreach into my life.

I am blessed with a godly wife and three children—a boy 26 years old and two girls, 20 and 13. Our son is working and studying for his master’s degree in software engineering.  Our older daughter is in her second year of university at Wolaita Sodo, and the youngest is in seventh grade.