Ministry to Muslims

Bringing Muslims to Christ is one of our primary mission objectives in Ethiopia.  Tens of thousands of Muslims have turned to faith in Christ in Ethiopia, including many Imams and Sheiks.  I am proud to say that Harmony Outreach is now neck-deep involved in this effort.  While it may be hard for ordinary Christians to personally reach Muslims, there is a way you can be responsible for leading scores to faith in Christ--by helping us deploy Muslim Background Believer (MBB) evangelists!

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Evangelizing Muslims

Our ministry to Muslims in Ethiopia is headed up by Dr. Eyasu, who is native to Ethiopia, and received his education in the United States.  He regularly witnesses to the lost, preaching the Gospel without fear of frequent and severe persecution. 

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discipling new believers

Evangelism would not be worth much if it stopped there.  That's why our Ethiopian evangelism is followed up by a discipleship training course, that teaches Muslim Background Believers about the faith, and equips them to go back into their communities and share their faith.

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Planting churches

So far, Harmony Outreach has sponsored the establishment of three "shelter churches,” small buildings where local Christians can come to worship and hear preaching.  The establishment of these churches is only completed by heavy involvement in the community itself—making the locals the backbone of the churches we help build.