Your Evangelists Need Motos!

2018 Motos.jpg

by Charles A. Borchard

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the Lord’s work in Ethiopia. The ministries that Harmony Outreach works with there are seeing so much fruit. This is an environment that is hostile toward Christians and persecution is regular.

Some of the greatest fruit seen is in the lives and ministry of two evangelists. These men spend their time walking from village to village in one of the most densely Muslim populated areas of Ethiopia. It is so full of Muslims that locals call it “Little Mecca.” In this area there are 40 villages and 267 mosques. These two men in particular are WALKING to and fro sharing the Gospel of Christ and seeing remarkable fruit.

Could you imagine if they had access to quicker transportation? That would mean more exposure to the Good News in a shorter time frame. That’s why we are presenting to you, our team, to raise funds for two motos like you see in the photo above. The purchase of these two motos would be a combat multiplier for a ministry that is already incredibly successful. One moto costs $2,500.

If you feel led to give, then click here to follow through.

God bless!

Charles Borchard