New Believers off to College

by Charles Borchard

 Pehn Sreypich is on the left, and Sim Sitha is on the right.

Pehn Sreypich is on the left, and Sim Sitha is on the right.

Allow us to introduce you to two recent converts who were introduced to Christ through the Learn2Work Center in Cambodia. Their names are Sim Sitha and Pehn Sreypich, and these two young ladies have some very interesting stories...

Sitha is sister of Sim Sophors, a young man who currently receives a scholarship through Harmony to attend University in Phnom Penh. Sitha heard of the opportunity to study at the L2W Center in Phnom Penh from her brother, and from there she came into the saving embrace of Jesus Christ; rejecting her upbringing that served both Buddhism and Hinduism. 

Sreypich is a young lady hailing from the Kandal province, which is approximately one hour out of Phnom Penh by tuk-tuk. Again, Sophors told this young lady about the opportunity presented by Learn2Work. Wow! Way to go Somphors, because due to her involvement at L2W she has received grace through faith! Before coming to Christ,Sreypich trusted in science, but now she sings to a different tune proclaiming, "Now I have a new life and hope. I am not a hopeless girl like before. I have God, new friends and teachers at L2W who really care for me. I thank God for giving me such a blessing." Amen! Hallelujah!

Again we've witnessed two precious souls crossing over from death to life, and their testimonies are powerful.

But don't be deceived, we aren't writing this post to  give Somphors a raise! Actually, these two young ladies have been placed on our hearts, and we believe that blessing them with tuition for their first year is an added blessing we can give. These ladies are looking to overturn the norm and introduce Christ to a culture that has barely heard His name.

Would you partner with us as family? The total cost for both of these girls to go to college for one whole year is about $1,100. As a student myself, I'm tempted to pack my bags and head to Phnom Penh—for the cost of one semester's worth of books we can see TWO young girls enter into their first year of college!

Partner with us here in order to see these girls succeed.

Charles Borchard