Medical Emergency! Tung needs our help

Dear Team Harmony,

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We just received this emergency appeal from pastor Jacob, our Vietnam Director, for a man from the underground church who was involved in a terrible scooter accident. You can read Jacob's email, but the bottom line is God spared his life, but the family incurred $3,000 in medical expenses—a king's ransom for this family. Here is his story:

Hello John and Charles,

This is emergency prayer!

I wrote this email to ask Harmony prayer for one of our Church member in Viet Nam was got accident very serious.-He is Tung, he 40 years old, he has wife and two children.--His elder son is 14 years old and daughter is 10 years old.-All of their family so love God and they are faithful Christian.--I so impressed with him when he told me that "Ya Cop! I trust God and I would like you training my only son to worship Him".--Its seem like Hannah's story when she dedicate Samuel to God: “For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him.--Therefore I have lent him to the Lord.--As long as he lives, he is lent to the Lord.”--God blessed his son so much.--Now he is to be one of our worship leaders in Church and he play drum.

Tung also dedicated sharing the Gospel, last Christmas a couple received Christ by him and he planned guide one family to received Christ last Sunday but he couldn't because he got accident.--Last Monday night on the way from factory to his house, another motorbike hit him too strong.--He was fall down and thrown out 15m.--After that someone took him to hospital, every one scared when they looked at him.--His nose, right eye and cranium was broke.--Whole his family cried out to God and they told me that God will do miracle in Tung's life.--We prayed and prayed after 3 hours cranial, eye and nose surgery Doctor told to his family that he just got 10 % alive.--We continue to praying, after that 2 hours he wake up, God healed him.--Day by day he got more strengthen but still on the bed.-But we believed he will soon get healing because nothing is impossible with God.

This email would like to ask your prayer for his healing and also for finance prayer. Because his case very serious so that doctor did a lot of things to treat him and the debt they need to pay too high.--Its cost 3000Usd.--His wife must go to work on day time and take care of him on night time but it didn't enough to pay for hospital.--I can feel their stress.--The only thing I can do that pray for them and ask your prayer also.--If next week they don't have money to pay, doctor can not treat with the good way for him.

He need to rehabilitate as soon as.

Thanks for reading this email and please pray for him.

May God bless all of you.

Ya Cop

If you would like to give to this need, then please go this the donate page of our website here:

Please be in prayer with us as we continue to uplift Tung and his family.

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Charles Borchard