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U.S. Director of Operations
Temecula, California

I am incredibly blessed to be part of the family and work of Harmony Outreach.  I have not worked with a more genuine, prayerful, and God-honoring ministry team.  After meeting with John and coming to know his heart for ministry, I was introduced to the rest of the staff at Harmony.  My first encounter was a meet-and-greet where the team laid hands on me and prayed.  They offered prayers of thankfulness for God bringing me to work alongside them and for my work with the ministry.  Each person offered a unique prayer, but the common denominator was an obvious passion for the work of the Lord through Harmony.

I became acquainted with the efforts of Harmony after meeting John Bentley at church.  Learning that I was studying to become a pastor, he made it a point to get to know me which ultimately led to him asking me to join the Harmony team.  John is humble and discerning, and I’ve not personally met another person who so easily relies upon the Lord.  Working with him at Harmony is a chapter of my life that is just beginning, but one that I am eager to uncover.

Although I have a worked in business and academics, my passion has been ministry since God first called me at age 17.   My fiancé, Evie, and I both hail from ministry families, and partnering in ministry is a passion we both share.  A more difficult decision is whether we are going to be cat people or dog people—although my vote is cat!

My friends, I truly look forward to partnering with you in ministry around the world.  Harmony Outreach has won my heart and has my dedication. Thank you and know that I will be praying for you!

Charles has a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from San Diego Christian College where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.  He is currently working on a Master of Divinity from Gateway Seminary and intends to continue his education with the goal of obtaining a Doctorate of Theology.  He is an avid reader, preferring theology and spiritual biographies.  His hero of the faith is George Mueller, although he was also greatly influenced by C.S. Lewis and Augustine of Hippo.