Lighting A Candle In The Darkness


Cambodia is a dichotomy. A tropical country with a rich cultural tradition and amazingly beautiful people makes Cambodia--on the surface--seem like such an idyllic country. However, Cambodia is a country that is largely unaware of Jesus or the light of the Gospel. With nearly 95% of the population Buddhist, Cambodian society and history are known for extreme poverty, pervasive sex-trafficking, a repressive government and the recent self-inflicted genocide of more than 20% of the population during the rule of Pol Pot in the late 1970s. Apart from the light of the Gospel, Cambodia is a country suffering the effects of pervasive spiritual darkness.

Harmony follows the adage, "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."  We are joyfully working in Cambodia to spread the knowledge of Jesus and to help the vulnerable.


Learn-2-Work Outreach to University Students

Reaching the Top


Only a very small percentage of Cambodian society has a university-level education. Having a college degree in Cambodia is a game-changer that opens doors for both government employment and the best jobs available.

Harmony's Learn2Work (L2W) Center is strategically located in the University District of Phnom Penh.  We where we offer free, highly-sought-after English language and computer courses to students. When they come, we engage them in relationship by hosting once-a-week social activities, worship and discipleship. It has been said that for most unsaved people, they have to see the Gospel before they can hear it. We want to love these students and befriend them, opening the door for them to receive the Gospel. 

The Nathanael Project



Nearly 95% of the population of Cambodia is Buddhist. This is not because Cambodians are not open to the Gospel. They are. It is just that, as Jesus said, the workers are too few (Luke 10:2). Many of the pastors and church leaders in Cambodia come from a village background with limited educational opportunities. As a result, their knowledge of Scripture is often very basic.

Four years ago when we set out to train village pastors in Cambodia, our plan was audacious.  We weren’t going to stop until we had gone to all 25 provinces! God’s revealed plan for such a venture looked impossible, but He has not called us to accomplish His plans on our own.  He grows our faith as we look to Him to provide not only the plans but also the resources to accomplish what He asks.

Our original plan included bringing a group of village pastors to a central training location several times a year.  Before long, however, we learned that God had given a better idea to The Nathanael Project (formerly IPCC)—and we began to partner with them.  Now 28% of Cambodia’s 25 provinces have been reached!

Their unique training methods provide a computer and 5 “keys” filled with both visual teaching and written lessons—all translated into their native language—to a group of 20 pastors and church leaders who are then each tasked with sharing those resources with 5 other pastors. Doing the math, you can see that ONE training session results in resources being provided to 100 pastors.   The resources continue to be shared until the whole province is reached.

God’s plans are multi-faceted and generally far exceed our expectations, and for Nathanael Project it was no different.  Already their materials are being translated into Swahili, Nepalese, Bulgarian, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish and Mandarin!

Rescuing the Vulnerable


Reaching the Bottom

A much larger group in Cambodia are the millions of vulnerable people at the bottom rung of society--the poor, the uneducated, villagers, street people, orphans and girls trapped by desperation in sex-trafficking.  Jesus said, "Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did to me" (Matt. 25:40).  And so, while we want to strategically reach the pastors and future leaders of Cambodia through The Nathanael Project and our L2W Center, we also want to come to the rescue of vulnerable people, one person at a time.




Orphan Outreach

Harmony Outreach is an official partner with the Phnom Penh state orphanage where we come alongside the government to rescue and help orphans and street children. We regularly visit the orphanage with Harmony mission teams to love the children, host fun activities and sponsor some of their greatest needs.




The girls faces are intentionally obscured for their protection.  

The girls faces are intentionally obscured for their protection.  

Esther's House Rescue Center

Esther's House Rescue Center--for young girls rescued from or in danger of being trafficked.  Due to the extreme poverty of Cambodia, trafficking of young women is all to common, with many young girls sold by their own families. Harmony is partnering with Esther's House Rescue Center to bring these girls into a loving and safe environment where they will be educated, trained in a skill or vocation and learn about Jesus.

Friendship Teams

A key component of our work in Cambodia is to bring “friendship teams” from the West to visit and participate in our work. It is virtually impossible to experience what is happening in Cambodia and not come away profoundly impacted by the experience.


This is one reason that we are regularly bringing teams from the West so that they can personally experience the intensity of what the Holy Spirit is doing in Cambodia and have their faith ignited! We would love to have you join us on one of these life-transforming journeys.