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Harmony Mission Team at Phnom Penh Orphanage

Harmony Mission Team at Phnom Penh Orphanage


Cambodia is a tropical country with an ancient and rich culture inhabited by a people who are as beautiful as they are friendly.  On the surface, all of this makes it seem so idyllic.  With nearly 95% of the population Buddhist, Cambodians are largely unaware of Jesus, and their society has not been influenced by the Good News of the Gospel. As a result, their society is marred by poverty, pervasive sex-trafficking, a repressive government, and the recent auto-genocide which wiped out 20% of the population during the brutal rule of Pol Pot from 1975-79. 

At Harmony Outreach we love Cambodia and Cambodians.  As ambassadors for Jesus, we come with the light of Jesus bringing hope and help.  Individually, we have helped a lot of people by providing surgeries, scholarships, disaster relief, water wells, micro-loans for business, and by rescuing young girls from sex-exploitation.  We love this, but we also want to be a change-agent and influence on their society as a whole.  To accomplish this, Harmony has a broad ministry portfolio to address numerous areas of need within Cambodian society.  


Learn2Work Center

An Outreach to University Students

Only a small percentage of Cambodians have a university education.  Having a college degree is a game-changer that opens doors for the best jobs including positions in government. Harmony's Learn2Work (L2W) Center is strategically located in the University District of Phnom Penh offering free, highly sought-after English language and computer courses to students. These are top-rated courses, with curriculum developed by our Cambodia Country Director who has a Master's Degree and has served as a professor at multiple universities. 

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When students come to L2W, they get more than top-notch training.  Mirroring the statistics of their country, the overwhelming majority of students come from a Buddhist background.  Many have never heard the name of Jesus. 
We befriend our students by hosting weekly social activities where we introduce them to the Good News, worship and discipleship, resulting in multiple students becoming born-again Christians.  We take a disparate group of students and move them on the continuum from strangers to friends to family.  L2W has become so popular that our classes are generally filled to capacity by word of mouth alone.  


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Let's Start Talking (LST)

To further enhance our Learn2Work Center outreach, Harmony hosts summer and winter Let’s Start Talking (LST) teams.  These teams are composed of U.S. university students who come to Cambodia to offer free, one-on-one English language classes to Cambodian students using the Gospel of Luke as their source material for studying.  This is friendship evangelism par excellence, building friendships and further exposing the students to the Gospel and Christian community. 

The Nathanael Project



Many of the pastors in Cambodia come from a village background with limited educational opportunities.  As a result, their knowledge of Scripture is often very basic. 

Nathanael Project (NP) assists village pastors by offering training seminars in each of Cambodia’s 25 provinces.  Any interested evangelical pastor, regardless of denominational affiliation, is invited to attend and is supplied with a notebook computer and thumb drives containing outlines on each book of the Bible.  The goal is that any pastor, regardless of education, could access NP teaching resources, enabling him to understand and accurately teach through all 66 books of the Bible.  So far, NP has made incredible progress all through northern Cambodia. So far, all of the northern provinces have now been impacted by this ministry.

Esther's House

A Refuge for Young Girls Rescued from Trafficking


Poverty, dysfunctional families and spiritual darkness all contribute to rampant exploitation of young girls and women in Cambodia.  Harmony is proud to partner with Esther's House (EH) to bring these girls into a loving and safe environment where they will be loved, provided an education, and taught about Jesus.  Shown are girls rescued in 2017, many with stories that are not suitable for printing.  We choose to focus on the good--that God caused an intervention so that what was intended for evil in their lives became the catalyst for bringing them to EH where they are safe, experiencing a loving, family environment, and learning about Jesus for the first time in their lives!  

The American names they were given are shown, but their identities must be camouflaged for their protection.

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Friendship Teams - Mission Trips

A Cambodian villager comes to Jesus!

A Cambodian villager comes to Jesus!

A key component of our work in Cambodia is to bring “friendship teams” from the West to visit and participate in our work. It is virtually impossible to experience what is happening in Cambodia and not come away profoundly impacted by the experience.

This is one reason that we are regularly bringing teams from the West so that they can personally experience the intensity of what the Holy Spirit is doing in Cambodia and have their faith ignited! We would love to have you join us on one of these life-transforming journeys.