Will You Help With Our Cambodia Dental Project?


I have such a soft spot for vulnerable children. Among my favorite and most dearly loved children in the entire galaxy are the orphans (and staff) at the Phnom Penh orphanage. I am just a mess when I am around these kids. And so it was with some alarm that I noticed that many of these cuties were showing signs of advanced tooth decay despite their youthful age. Can you imagine a sweet little eight-year-old or a beautiful teen girl whose teeth are already beginning to turn black? How will that affect the course of their life if they are stigmatized at an early age with an unsightly appearance? I determined then that we would do something about this. Because of their poverty most of these sweethearts have had little or no dental care their entire lives. At Harmony it has always been our goal to step into the shoes of their missing parents and come to their rescue—in this case by providing them the dental care and repair they need.


If you would like to help provide dental work for these 60+ orphans and staff, please mark your gift—of any size—“Cambodia dental project.” It has always been our goal to put a smile on the faces of orphans. Let’s make sure those smiles are beautiful!

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