Urgent and Immediate Need - Exciting Developments


urgent_need_3Last Friday I received a call advising me that we need to move out of our current offices by May 12! For the last four years Harmony has had free office space—thanks be to God and Far Reaching Ministries. But with paying tenants moving in, we need to be out and into our new offices ASAP. This caused a momentary panic as we realized that we had just over two weeks to relocate. urgent_need_4I say “momentary” because experience has taught us that seemingly hard things almost always turn out to be Romans 8:28 situations. That being said, Linda came into my office to announce that we have a financial shortfall in our ability to pay our contractors and move into our new offices. We didn’t want to say the amount—trusting the Lord—but did think it was right to convey the need. Please pray because this is all happening right when I am leaving the country for Ethiopia—and it falls to Linda, Diana and Harlan to deal with contractors, packing , and moving. If you would like to help us with our shortfall, we would be truly grateful. But whether you can give or not, you can certainly pray to the One who always supplies the miracle manna we need, as we need it.

Other exciting, hot-off-the-press developments that are so beautiful and exciting that they leave me on my knees with arms lifted in praise to the King: (1) Harmony is moving into Vietnam and will be actively working with the underground church (more later on that), (2) God has given us favor with the Cambodian government and is blowing open doors for us to help orphans in that country (more later on that also), and (3) little Blossom from Harmony House is finally with her very own Mama! We have heard that the U.S. docs evaluating her have identified a lot of significant medical issues that need to be addressed, so please pray for her and her new mom Pam.

On Monday I leave with a team to Ethiopia to see the kids and our partners in that country.

Agape! John

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