Updates for Kristin, Ratha, Gia and Toby

Hello Friends & Partners, First of all, John asked me to attach this link with the hope that you will click on it and listen as you read. It is a beautiful Khmer worship song—the language of his wife Dalin. As we listen to “Holy God,” let it infuse our prayers with love and worship for our Holy God and increased power in our prayers for Kristin, Ratha, Gia, Toby, our adoptive families and our work. We love you Jesus. We love you SO much!



We are thanking God that we can give you encouraging news about our beautiful little Kristin. She has had some rough times recovering from her major heart surgery, but her picture tells you how happy she was Thursday (March 24) to get rid of a lot of the tubes and needles!

Her mom Jenn said Kristin is still having heart arrhythmias. Just Thursday they were able to pinpoint the exact location of the arrhythmias, thereby helping them choose a more specific medication for her. She is still dealing not only with the arrhythmias but also pneumonia caused by fluid gathering in and around her lungs.

The family requests continued prayers specifically for:

  • Her lungs to clear
  • Softening of her stiff ventricles
  • Recovery from pneumonia and
  • Chest tube drainage to abate

Dad Jon and Kristin’s siblings were able to be in Boston for the weekend celebration of Kristin’s sixth birthday (March 26). Jenn said, “Kristin is counting down the days and telling everyone that she is having an Ariel birthday party! She had failed to tell me that so thank goodness for Amazon Prime to bring in Ariel goodies and balloons just in time!“

This is Kristin’s first birthday with her adoptive family. Jenn says, “It’s not how we imagined it to be, but we will celebrate, be joyful and enjoy every minute! We will all be together and for that I am thankful.”



First of all, we rejoice and are so thankful to you, our partners, that the funds have come in to save Ratha’s life! God is faithful—whether the need is small or large—and we give Him all praise!!

There has been a delay in getting Ratha’s surgery because of the detailed requirements of transporting him from Cambodia to China. These details are getting untangled, and our current expectation is for the surgery to take place in early May.

The attached picture shows our most recent Mission trip team praying for Ratha. Because of his illness, Ratha looks like a young teenager although he is actually 21 years old.

Meanwhile, Ratha continues with his classes to become a pastor so that he can take the Good News of Jesus to more of his fellow Cambodians just as soon as he is physically able.



We are delighted to give you a good report and a delightful picture of little Gia. Her mom says, “She’s doing so well….staying stable and thriving!” [clearboth]



Not all orphans' problems are limited to the physical. Behavioral problems associated with early childhood emotional trauma are also all too common. Please continue to pray for little Toby and his sweet parents—for Jesus to calm the storm within him and transform him. We also ask prayers for his parents to have wisdom, strength and the heart and mind of the Lord through this difficult stage in his life. Last time we prayed as a group it really made a difference for an extended period. But now the family is once again requesting prayers.

Blessings to you all,

Linda Huckaba

Harmony Newsadmin