Update on Kristin's Heart Surgery


In an email from Kristin’s dad, he reported that today has been very busy with lots of discussions with surgeons about her heart health. The wonderful diagnosis:

The surgical team said that Kristin is ideal for a bi-ventricle repair, and they believe she will do excellent with the surgery. Doesn't mean it won't be a complicated, but she has two very healthy ventricles.

One immediate complication is that she has hyperthyroid issues which must be dealt with before the heart surgery. He says,

we have to get the levels down, which may take till the middle of January. She will be evaluated weekly. We are on a flight home tomorrow and will wait till we get this under control.

They also thank everyone for their prayers and said what a comfort it is to them to know they have family praying for them through all of this.

Harmony Newsadmin