Update on Joy, Lance, and Michael


prayer_china1bWe are grateful to report that doctors have backed away from saying that Lily’s daughter Joy has a brain tumor. After further tests, they are “watching” her and saying they aren’t sure about a brain tumor. We believe prayers have changed things! Lance has also had further testing. Doctors are recommending immediate physical therapy and possible surgery after seeing the results of physical therapy. Please continue to pray for him.

Michael’s tests were inconclusive. Lily says he seems fine inside the house in familiar surroundings, but it is obvious his peripheral vision is limited by how carefully he places his feet when he is in unfamiliar areas. So far doctors have no final recommendations related to this problem.

Thank you for continuing to pray for these needs. God gives us these little ones to take care of, but we depend on your prayers for them and for us as we deal with their special needs.

Harmony Newsadmin