Twins and Cyndie Adopted


Three more of our peanuts completed their life-transformational journeys through our Three Steps to Hope (foster care, surgery and adoption) program when they met their forever families and were adopted! God orchestrated the timing of the twins’ (Heather and Anna) adoption so that it would take place while I was in China. We all boarded the night sleeper train in Beijing for the overnight trip to Henan province where, the next morning, we had the privilege of delivering them to their parents. What a blessing to be right there in that beautiful moment when they held their daughters for the first time. It was radical because the overjoyed parents told me that they only learned that the twins were in our care three days earlier when a relative googled their Chinese names and found them on our website! Heather and Anna’s new home is in Monument, Colorado.

Little Cyndie was the third Harmony child to meet her forever family. I was not in China when she was adopted so it fell to Lily to put her into the arms of her beaming parents and give her a goodbye kiss. Cyndie’s new home is in Washington, DC.