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Greetings from the wonderful Long Thai Ly Guest House six stories above the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Tuesday was my second day teaching, but I am writing this BLOG Post for both Monday and Tuesday. I should be able to write one for Wednesday and Thursday on Friday. Curtis arrived at 6:50 Monday morning on his Moto to pick me up in front of the Guest House. I hopped on the back of the Moto and off we went toward Harvest Bible College. We weaved in and out of traffic down the street, barely missing potholes and Motos coming at us from the opposite direction. A few minutes on the journey, we arrived at our first left turn, the Russian Market.

pastor_mark_repost1The Russian Market is a wonderful place full of spices and Khmer business people looking to turn a buck. Yes, a buck. Almost all transactions are done with American money here. The only time we see Khmer money is when something is purchased and the change is less than one dollar. The Khmer do not use coins. The exchange rate between Khmer and the dollar is 4,000 to $1. The Russian Market has clothes to carpet, gadgets to gizmos and everything in between. There are food venders all around the Market where the air fills with the morning offerings. It is basically like a giant swap meet that received its namesake when the Russians were here in Phnom Penh. We get to the end of the Russian Market and straight into an intersection. These are always the scariest.

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