Surgery Needed - Only $400!


Need Met PTL!

This young man Rin (name changed) had an accident on a moto—a Cambodian scooter. He broke his elbow and had to have surgery. He is an orphan, and no funds were available to help him.

One of our partners just recently sent us a check saying he wanted to start a “surgery seed fund.” He had witnessed a tragic situation where a child had died waiting for funds to be raised to help him. Thanks to that donation, Rent was able to have his surgery.

rent2rent3Can you believe it required only $400 to repair Rin’s elbow? Thanks to our new Marquardt Surgery Fund, Rent will be able to lead a normal life. But we want to replace those funds so that another child can also have immediate surgery as needed. Please go to the Donate page on this website if you wish to help. Should excess funds be donated, the balance will go to the Marquardt Surgery Fund to cover other needed surgeries as they arise.

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