Successful Training for Future Children's Workers

by Charles A. Borchard

Cambodian Christians don’t mess around.  When you’re choosing to make a life altering decision that could mean persecution, it fosters genuine Christian community and requires new believers to be radical in their faith.  This past month, Lighthouse Christian Assembly, a prominent Evangelical Christian church in Phnom Penh, hosted a workshop for those who are interested in teaching children serving in the church and in the community. 

Despite being relatively new believers, 5 Buddhist Background students from the Learn2Work Center (L2W) have taken the next step in their new life by undergoing this training to serve in their church.  Their names are Sim Sophors, Sreyty, Sreypich, Sreynoch, and Sitha.  After the training they all agreed that they were more equipped for ministering to children, but also for life as several of them seek to teach children as a profession.

Would you like to meet these incredible college students?  Then consider joining us on our November mission trip to Cambodia.  Click the link and/or give Linda a call at our office  (951) 600-4474.