Students are Coming to Jesus in Cambodia

Keo Odam Edited.jpg

Pictured is Keo Odam, our new brother in Christ who was recently converted from Buddhism to Christianity at our Learn2Work Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Odam had a very tough life as one of several children born into poverty following the devastation brought about by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.  Despite the family often going hungry and Odam frequently having to live apart from his parents, his father always encouraged him to continue his education.  Even during three years of regularly being ill, Odam persevered to finish high school.  Although he desired to go to college, knowing how desperately his family needed his wages, he was prepared to get a job.  Once again his father encouraged him.  Odam says, “I was kind of a cowboy” going to the big city of Phnom Penh from his remote province of Phea Vihea. He wanted to take extra classes to improve his English and computer skills, but those cost even more money—and he was barely eating.
Someone told Odam about our Learn2Work Center where the very classes he needed were offered FREE!  “I was so happy at that time!” Odam said.  At one of the free, weekly social events L2W calls Coffee Table Club, teacher Pheakdey (our Country Director) talked about a Savior, Jesus Christ, whose name Odam had never heard before.  He was also invited to church where he learned more about Jesus and gave his life to Him!  He says that as he is learning to pray and trust God, the hard situations in his life are getting resolved.  His current prayer is for an opportunity to go back to his hometown to share his newfound faith with his friends and family.
Please pray for Odam—and for so many others like him—to come to the Jesus whose name so many have never heard.