Sokha and Family Lost all their Possessions--$1,400 raised/Still Need $2,100


Fire has destroyed Sokha’s home! She, her husband Chetra and their four children lost everything. Here is Sokha’s story: On a day when she was leading the women in witnessing to other villagers, fire broke out in her home next to the church building and consumed it completely. As you can see from the pictures, the only things still standing were the bases of the two sewing machines (owned by the church) on which Sokha had been teaching the village women how to sew to help support their families--a responsibility that is too often on the shoulders of the women.


Sokha spent her childhood at a refugee camp in Thailand where her parents had gone to escape the Khmer Rouge. At that camp she became a Christian. After she had grown up, she returned to Cambodia where she met and married her husband Chetra. Sokha’s bold faith in God led her husband to the Lord, and they are rearing their children to know the Lord.

In spite of losing everything, Sokha says, “Even though all my possession have been destroyed and we lost our home, I thank God that the whole family is safe. I will not stop trusting Him no matter what the other villagers say.”

$3,500 is needed to help replace their home and possessions and the sewing machines.  ANY amount will be a major blessing to them as money goes much farther in Cambodia than it does in the West.  If you can contribute to help Sokha's family, please either click on the DONATE button (last item in menu list to the left) to use PayPal, mail your check, or call us with your credit card information.  We are eager to help Sokha prove to the villagers that our God takes care of His own!

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