Rudi Needs $6,700 For Surgery


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Having already survived heart surgery and spina bifida surgery, little Rudi—who just had his first birthday—has been hospitalized again for his second hydrocephalus surgery. His hospitalization is expected to last about 30 days, and an attempt will again be made to implant a shunt to drain fluid from the sac surrounding his brain. An earlier attempt at this surgery failed because Rudi developed an infection requiring the shunt to be removed.

According to the Webtronic’s website, here is what Rudi is facing:

  1. A small incision will be made in the scalp. A small hole will then be made in the skull.
  2. A tiny opening will be made in the protective coverings of the brain. These openings accommodate the catheter placement in the lateral ventricle.
  3. The neurosurgeon will make two or three small incisions to place the shunt valve (usually above or behind the ear).
  4. The catheter will be tunneled under the skin.
  5. The end of the catheter will be carefully placed in the appropriate receiving cavity (usually the abdomen).
  6. Following the operation, small sterile bandages will be applied to each incision.

PLEASE PRAY that little Rudi’s surgery will be successful, that infection will not again become a problem, and that he will receive the maximum benefit from this surgery. And if the Lord speaks to you to help pay for this surgery, contact us at (951) 600-4474, email, or go to our webpage at to use PayPal.

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